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Personalized medical services using smart cities' infrastructures

Description: The unprecedented urbanization of the past decades has not only led to the introduction of the concept of smart cities, but has simultaneously made them a necessity. By converting our cities into smart ones, we enable future generations to live in a friendly and sustainable environment. Within smart cities, the wide deployment of sensors allows the interaction of citizens with city infrastructures. While smart cities are aiming towards more efficient resource management via smart grids, smart vehicles etc, another approach can also be made. The wide deployment of sensors in smart cities can be used to provide citizens with better medical services. In this work, we illustrate how this can be achieved by allowing patients to interact with city sensors. Patients with respiration problems use their smart phones to find the route to their destination with the minimal effect on their health.

Authors: Constantinos Patsakis, Riccardo Venanzio, Paolo Bellavista, Agusti Solanas, Mélanie Bouroche.

Publication date: 2014/6/11

Conference: 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications (MeMeA)


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