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Efficient Wireless Channel Characterization in Medicalised Vehicles for Smart Health

Description: Implementing accurate radio planning studies and channel characterization within complex environments is a difficult task mainly due to the multipath propagation. Besides, each specific scenario needs a particular analysis since the morphology of the scenario and the topology of the wireless network have a great impact on the radio propagation. For such analyses, Ray Launching techniques provide a good trade-off between the accuracy of the results and the required computational time. In this paper, particularly complex environments in terms of radio propagation are studied: intra-vehicular environments. This kind of scenarios present a high complexity due to their high obstacle density and the presence of large metallic objects and structures, even more when medicalised vehicles, which are key actors in the smart healthcare ecosystem, are analyzed. A previously presented hybrid technique based on 3D Ray Launching and Collaborative Filtering (CF) is tested in this paper with the aim of validating this methodology for its use in intra-vehicular environments.

Authors: Fran Casino, Peio Lopez-Iturri, Leyre Azpilicueta, Erik Aguirre, Francisco Falcone, Constantinos Patsakis, Agusti Solanas.

Publication date: 2018/7/23

Journal: 2018 9th International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA)

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