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Authors: Jose Maria de Fuentes, Lorena Gonzalez-Manzano, Agusti Solanas, Fatbardh Veseli.

Publication date: 2018/7/30

Journal: Computer

Description: Smart city-based IoT devices enable collection of vast amounts of data, which can be used to provide more efficient public and private services. Among these, healthcare is especially relevant, and smart health (s-health) models are already being deployed. The authors propose attribute-based credentials (ABCs) to cope with s-health privacy issues and to set the stage for the further adoption in other privacy-aware IoT-based smart cities' services.

Authors: Agusti Solanas, Jens H Weber, Ayse Basar Bener, Frank van der Linden, Rafael Capilla

Description: This theme issue presents some of the most recent advances in and applications of software for context-aware and smart healthcare, so as to provide a view of the state of the technology.

Authors: Agusti Solanas

Publication date: 2017

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Authors: Agusti Solanas, Fran Casino, Edgar Batista, Robert Rallo

Publication date: 2017/9/11

Conference: 2017 IEEE 3rd International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry (RTSI)

Description: Smart Healthcare is a relatively new context-aware healthcare paradigm influenced by several fields of knowledge, namely medical informatics, communications and electronics, bio- engineering, ethics and so on. Thus, many challenging problems are related to smart healthcare but in many cases they are explored individually in their respective fields and, as a result, they are not always known by the smart healthcare research community working in more specific domains. The aim of this article is to identify some of the most relevant trends and research lines that are going to affect the smart healthcare field in the years to come. To do so, the article considers a systematic approach that classifies the identified research trends and problems according to their appearance within the data life cycle, this is, from the data gathering in the physical layer (lowest level) until their final use in the application layer (highest level). By identifying and classifying those research trends and challenges, we help to pose questions that the smart healthcare community will need to address. Consequently, we set a common ground to explore important problems in the field, which will have significant impact in the years to come.

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