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Wandering detection methods in smart cities: Current and new approaches

Description: People suffering from mild cognitive impairments and early stages of dementia may notice a deterioration in their memory functions. Consequently, disorientation or wanderinglike behaviours might occur in their daily activities. Detecting wandering in trajectories is a complex task highly influenced by the technology/ies used and the context in which people move. Hence, there is no commonly accepted technique to detect wandering automatically. Since technology is a key factor, Smart Cities can open the door to new opportunities to approach the problem. In this article, we briefly summarise the state of the art of wandering detection techniques, we describe some of the benefits that Smart Cities will contribute with, and we provide a preliminary proposal of a new wandering detection method.

Authors: Edgar Batista, Fran Casino, Agusti Solanas.

Publication date: 2015/10/25

Conference: 2015 IEEE First International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2)

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