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Privacy-preserving collaborative filtering: A new approach based on variable-group-size microaggregation

Description: The amount of available information is growing steadily and, as a result, Internet users benefit from recommender systems, which help them find information, services and products that best fit their needs. A common technique used in recommender systems is Collaborative Filtering, which is based on users’ collaboration to make recommendations. However, users are getting more concerned about their privacy and can be reluctant to disclose their interests and other personal information. Hence, with the aim to foster users collaboration, the development of privacy-aware collaborative filtering methods has become a hot topic in the field. In this article we recall the concept of Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Filtering (PPCF) and introduce a novel approach based on variable-group-size microaggregation, which provides k-anonymity to the users. Also, we introduce several new metrics based on users’ behaviour that overcome the drawbacks of traditional metrics. Extensive experiments show that our approach can provide more accurate recommendations than well-known methods while, at the same time, preserving users’ privacy.

Authors: Fran Casino, Constantinos Patsakis, Agusti Solanas.

Publication date: 2019/11/1

Journal: Electronic Commerce Research and Applications

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