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Design and implementation of a secure and trustworthy platform for privacy-aware video surveillance

Description: Worldwide, thousands of video surveillance cameras record our daily activities. People are aware that video surveillance is deployed for the sake of security. However, the privacy of individuals would be endangered if the proper measures were not considered. Privacy-aware video surveillance has historically been addressed by proposals based on detecting individuals and other sensitive parts of the video and hiding them using a variety of techniques. In this paper, we present a comprehensive solution tackling video processing, video protection and management of the Information System. We claim that a video surveillance system can protect our safety and, at the same time, guarantee our privacy. We describe the design and implementation of a privacy-aware video surveillance platform that, in order to be trustworthy, accomplishes with the properties of high detection accuracy, real-time performance and protected video utility. We have tested the proposed platform, and we demonstrate the feasibility of our approach for privacy protection.

Authors: Antoni Martínez-Ballesté, Hatem Rashwan, Domenec Puig, Agusti Solanas.

Publication date: 2018/6/1

Journal: International Journal of Information Security

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