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Privacy in Smart Cities

Description: Cities are steadily growing and the process of urbanisation is prevalent worldwide. With the aim to provide citizens with a better place to live, a new concept of city was born: the Smart City. This concept has gained much attention and many “regular” cities are taking action so as to become “smart”. To do so, cities are deploying and using information and communication technologies, with the aim of tackling many local problems from local economy and transportation to quality of life and e-governance. In this article we recall the concept of smart city and its main areas of interest. We discuss that the ubiquitous use of information and communication technologies within the context of a smart city might lead to the transparent gathering of private data from citizens. We focus on the transportation area and, more specifically, on the parking problems that might arise in big cities. We propose a set of procedures, based on privacy enhancing technologies, that allow the private, secure and efficient management of parking in smart cities. The main goal of this article is to foster discussion about the privacy issues that might arise in a smart city and to provide an example scenario (ie public parking) to demonstrate some interesting ideas and show some open problems.

Authors: Pablo A Pérez-Martínez, Antoni Martínez-Ballesté, Agusti Solanas.

Publication date: 2013

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