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Deliverable WP. 4 Task 4 Report on New Location Privacy Methods

Description: The massive use of mobile devices equipped with self-location technologies such as GPS has fostered the appearance of an unprecedented number of location-based services (LBS) that are gaining importance rapidly. The location-based applications that these new technologies can bring to people are almost unlimited and their advantages paramount, however, the wide deployment of LBS can jeopardise the privacy of their users and raise social concern. Consequently, ensuring user privacy is essential to the success of those services. This report surveys some of the most relevant techniques, which can be found in the literature, to guarantee the location privacy of LBS users. These techniques are classified according to their ability to operate with or without trusted third parties (TTP), and according to their ability to protect the privacy of users by distorting their real locations or by keeping them untouched.

Authors: Agusti Solanas

Publication date: 2009/10/2

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