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Evolutionary computation in computer security and forensics: An overview

Description: In daily life, people are faced with problems that have more than one solution. In computing, and other fields, researchers and developers encounter computational problems that may have a large number of solutions. In these cases, it may be almost unfeasible to determine the best one. Evolutionary computation is an appropriate technique for finding an optimal solution to a problem. Among these problems, evolutionary computation can provide an efficient way to solve those associated with computer security and forensics. This chapter examines the approaches evolutionary computation offers to discover an optimal solution to a problem. Moreover, it overviews how evolutionary computation can be applied to different scenarios related to computer security and forensics.

Authors: Sulaiman Al Amro, David A Elizondo, Agusti Solanas, Antoni Martínez-Ballesté.

Publication date: 2012/1/1

Journal: Computational Intelligence for Privacy and Security

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