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Josep Maria Mateo Sanz, Agusti Solanas, Josep Domingo

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development 131 (41),

Description: Se propone un método de posprocesado sobre la microagregación de un conjunto multivariable de microdatos con la particularidad de que los grupos resultantes pueden tener cardinalidades diferentes según la suma de cuadrados entre grupos que provoque la agrupación de los registros. El método se basa en la reasignación de los registros que provocan una suma de cuadrados alta.

Agusti Solanas, Enrique Romero, Sergio Gómez, Josep M Sopena, Rene Alquézar, Josep Domingo-Ferrer

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development 131 (41),

Description: This paper presents a new feature selection method and an outliers detection algorithm. The presented method is based on using a genetic algorithm combined with a problem-specific-designed neural network. The dimensional reduction and the outliers detection makes the resulting dataset more suitable for training neural networks. A comparative analysis between different kind of proposed criteria to select the features is reported. A number of experimental results have been carried out to demonstrate the usefulness of the presented technique.

Agusti Solanas, Domenec Puig, Aleix Ramirez, Josep M Mateo

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development 131 (41),

Description: The design of algorithms and methods to control the movement of autonomous robots in unknown environments is a challenging task. The proper patterns of movement should be programmed into robots so as to make them explore the unknown space efficiently. In this article, we show that there exists a relation between the efficiency of the exploration and the degree of randomness of the trajectories followed by the robots. Specifically, we have carried out a number of simulations that point out that the more uniform the trajectories are, the more efficient the exploration.

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