Internet of Things and its impact to the health

The IEEE Internet of Things Community has selected a preface from Dr. Agusti Solanas for disseminating the IoT topic and the health. Thanks to this contribution, new research lines may take place to improve the healthcare sector with the new IoT tendency.

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War to Cyber Attack against critical infrastructures

The Smart Health research group has participated in the SUAC3I European Project (Secure User Authentication in Control Center for Critical Infrastructures) with the cyber security company GMV from Barcelona. The goal was to create a functional prototype for controlling the access to critical infrastructure using biometric features.

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Smart Health in the Smart City Expo in Barcelona

Our team has attended to the Smart City Expo held on 17-19 November in Barcelona. We could see the latest technology advances that will be found in the future Smart Cities: since managing more efficiently the transport and natural resources, and see the future proposals of cities and countries around the world. Our mission in the Expo was to disseminate the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference that will be held in September 2016 in Trento (Italy).

ISNCC 2016

The 3rd International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications (ISNCC) is going to be held in Hammamet (Tunisia) in May 2016. It covers theoretical and practical aspects related to Information Systems, Communication Networks and Computing Technologies. Moreover, this year a new tracks is included: smart cities, whose chair is Dr. Agustí Solanas.

You can find the website here, and the Call for Papers here.

IISA 2015

The Smart Health Research Group organises a Special Session in the International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA) 2015, which offers a forum for the constructive interaction and prolific exchange of ideas among scientists and practitioners from different research fields. It has the goal to developing methodologies and tools for the solution of complex problems in artificial intelligence, biology, neuroscience, security, monitoring, surveillance, healthcare, etc. The Special Session will be devoted to explore novel ideas and challenges in the field of Smart Health.

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IEEE Smart Cities

From the IEEE Smart Cities Technical Community, they have provided an update on some of the things that we are doing in the Smart Health Research Group

Advances in electronic health for remote monitoring

The aim of this Special Issue is to explore the recent advances in electronic health (e-Health) applied to the remote monitoring of patients. This area has gain special attention because the remote monitoring of patients could help to reduce the costs of national healthcare systems and also could improve the quality of life of patients, which can recover at home instead of staying at the hospital.

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Trending topic in IEEE ComSoc Technology

IEEE ComSoc Technology News is closely watching the top 10 communications technology trends that will be making headlines in 2015. The number 8 is SMARTER SMARTPHONES, CONNECTED SENSORS. The indisputable rock-start of devices is the smartphone, and its future can't be brighter. In 2014 we saw that only a few days after the iPhone 6 was released, there are already articles being written about the next-generation iPhone 7. Size, shape, and capabilities of these ubiquitous communication devices continue evolving, and so are prices which, driven by cost and performance improvements in digital technologies, are falling rapidly. The average selling price of a smartphone went down in 2014, and we expect this to continue in 2015 with low-cost OEMs such as Xiaomi and Lenovo leading the trend.
Beyond smartphones, tablets, connected sensors and body-worn wearables will also make headlines. Connected sensors will find their way into vehicles (smartcards), into urban areas (smartcies) and into our infrastructure (smartgrid).

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